Focus & Rulz believes in ethical promotion of its products. We use the best available sources for active material and are engaged into cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). We focus on the quality and follow all the rules that govern the current good manufacturing practices. We are satisfied that we are selling very high quality products that are not only affordable but also extremly high in efficacy to benefit the patients in need.

Our quality with affordable rates and ethical marketing has earned us the confidence of many well reputed doctors in Pakistan and abroad. It is this trust of doctors on the quality and efficacy of our products that will help us in standing among the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan and across the borders.

Sales Team:

Focus & Rulz gains confidence from its dedicated and professionally sound sales team. The selling strength is the quality of the products, unmatched selling skills and extensive product knowledge of the sales team for which they are trained on regular basis.
Distribution Network in Pakistan:
Exports/ International Business:

To bring our products within the reach of the masses, we have developed a network of distributors throughout Pakistan.

Focus & Rulz knows the strength of its products and is confident that its products meet the international standards of quality and efficacy. It is exporting its products to Afghanistan and is in the final stage of starting its exports to other countries.

In the international market we are in direct competion with multinational companies from around the globe. But we are strengthening our foothold and increasing our sales at a uniform pace.

We are in the final stage of export agreements with countries like Srilanka, Central Asian states, African countries and Brazil.